Our Mission

At WalliD, our mission is to empower the digital world with safety and trust . We are building the infrastructure to create a seamless and safe environment where users can easily prove their identity while keeping their personal information private. Our ultimate goal is to provide trust and security in all digital transactions and to make them accessible to everyone.

What is digital ID?

Identity is the unique data that can be linked to an individual. It is the only asset that ensures the right of ownership over all others. With it, we can sign documents, claim our property, access the benefits and services that we're entitled to, and also be held accountable for our actions.

In a reality that's becoming increasingly digital, the need to digitize our identity has been accelerating. We now use digital ID to authenticate on websites or to prove our identity in all types of online interactions. Today, digital ID is more important than ever. It ensures trust in remote transactions and enables accountability across the web.

Problems with the current digital ID landscape

Digital ID providers and verifiable data sources are spread across multiple infrastructures and have different standards with no interoperability at all. Some providers cover some types of authentication, others cover centralized or decentralized ID verification only.

This creates a significant problem for WebApps and dApps when it comes to authenticating and verifying users' data. dApp developers are limited to a niche user experience from web3 wallets, making it difficult to onboard more users who are not comfortable using these types of tools. Traditional WebApp developers are unable to authenticate their users on the blockchain and take advantage of the possibilities of web3 and decentralized protocols.

Ultimately, the user is left with poor onboarding experiences, repetitive processes, difficult technology to handle, and private data scattered all over the internet.

WalliD Solution

WalliD aims to provide the ultimate onboarding and data verification solution by aggregating verifiable data sources and infrastructures. Our aggregator brings together OAuth providers, Blockchains, Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs), DIDs and Zero-Knowledge protocols. This allows us to offer a comprehensive toolkit with different suites of products that cater to the needs of WebApp, dApp developers and users.

We have integrated with dozens of verifiable data sources across multiple infrastructures into our aggregator, and we continue to expand this number.

🧑‍💻For developers

Our SDKs and Config Dashboard enable social or web3 logins and user data verification from different sources. This enables developers to seamlessly embed customized Identity and access management flows in their systems for different purposes such as sybil resistance, trust scores, compliance, reputation and statement checks.

👤For users

Our self-custodial wallet provides full control over their tokens and IDs. This enables everyone to authenticate on web2 and web3 platforms, prove ownership over their data and execute blockchains transactions. WalliD wallet ultimately empowers users to protect their privacy and security online.

WalliD is the ultimate solution for effortless user onboarding and secure digital trust. It serves as an all-in-one platform, bringing together various digital ID providers and authenticators, allowing developers of dApps and WebApps to easily verify user identities while maintaining safety and privacy of personal data.

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