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Wallet architecture

This section serves primarily as a guide to WalliD wallet infrastructure and not as a technical specification. For the latest, check out our open-source code.
Wallet architecture
The WalliD wallet architecture is a self-custodial aggregator wallet designed to provide a secure and user-friendly way to manage digital assets and identities. The wallet is built on a range of components that work together to provide a comprehensive solution for managing different types of digital assets.
At its core, the WalliD wallet uses a self-sovereign mechanism to manage the login keys, ensuring that they are kept secure and private. Users can manage multiple seed phrases and private/public keys of various blockchains, including EVM blockchains, NEAR, and Solana, from within the same wallet. Additionally, the wallet's asset manager is able to execute web3 methods on those blockchains and facilitate transactions with tokens from those blockchains. The WalliD aggregator also integrates with several other digital ID infrastructures, including DID protocols, PKIs, and others, providing users with a comprehensive solution for managing digital identities and accessing a range of services and applications from within the same wallet.


Wallet Vault

The vault is the gateway between the user and the wallet. It manages user authentication on the wallet and allows them to unlock it and access data within. It uses an MPC (multi-party computing) approach to the sign-up and combines at least n/5 possible user unique credentials.

Key Manager

Account Manager

Asset manager


Development Roadmap

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