Config Dashboard

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The Config Dashboard is the gateway to WalliD. It allows dApp and WebApp developers to signup into the ecosystem and config Authentication and Data verification flows that can be embedded within their systems.

It is a no-code tool that enables you to quickly connect to multiple verifiable data sources and config authentication or verification parameters to integrate in your platform through a Verification Modal.

With the config Dashboard you are able to:

  • Create an account with WalliD;

  • Create workspaces for your authentication or Data verification configs;

  • Config authentication flows for your website by connecting with Social Login and web3 wallet providers;

  • Config Data verification flows by connecting and setting up parameters for a successful verification based on Digital ID or blockchain assets ownership;

  • Integrate a Verification Modal in your platform with the parameters configured in the dashboard and seamlessly authenticate or verify users' data from your favourite verifiable Data sources.

For an advanced customization of authentication and verification features check out the documentation available in our SDKs section

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