Authentication Configs are not yet live on WalliD's Dashboard. 👀Stay tuned to be the first trying them out!

The Authentication section allows you to choose from multiple social login providers and web3 wallets to support the sign-up and and login flows of your app. The user will be redirected to that provider authentication system and you'll be able to use those authentication tokens to connect to your own authentication flows.

Create a new Authentication Config

You can setup different configs, containing different providers. A config is a the unique combination of authentication providers associated to an APP key that will be generated automatically and linked to your billing in WalliD's backend. To create a new config click on Authentication on the left-side pane of the dashboard and start by defining a name for it.

Select authentication providers

You can choose one or as many social login or web3 wallet providers to add to your config. All the providers selected will become available in your platform login flow.

Add your Client ID and Secret Key

You'll need a Client ID and Secret Key from every provider selected. If you don't have an account already, follow the step by step guide available for each provider below. After completing the config, paste the recently created Client ID and Secret key in the appropriate boxes on WalliD dashboard. Learn how to get your Client ID and Secret Key in this guide.

Social Login Providers supported

Web3 wallets supported

Export the config code and add it to your platform

Once all providers are setup, preview the verification modal that will be displayed in your website with all the providers selected. Copy the code generated and add it to the frontend component of your platform that you wish to trigger the Login flows from.

Integrate with your authentication flows

👀 Coming soon! 👀

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