WalliD Wallet

WalliD wallet is a self-custodial aggregator wallet that enables natural persons to authenticate on the web2, web3 and to manage digital assets and IDs.

📱 Get your WalliD wallet now!

The wallet is available for desktop and mobile. Its architecture ensures users maintain complete sovereignty over their keys and assets at the same time it provides a smooth authentication experience across the web.

Browser extension

Mobile app (👀comming soon 👀)

Main Features

👤 Web2 authentication

Easily sign in websites with your email, Google, Facebook and other of your social accounts.

⛓️ Web3 authentication

Connect to dApps and execute blockchain transactions on EVM chains, NEAR and Solana.

🦄 Crypto token management

Send and view native, ERC-20, NFTs and Soulbound tokens balance and metadata in your wallet.

🐱 Digital ID management

Claim, prove the ownership and view Digital IDs, social network accounts, digital certificates, verifiable credentials and badges from multiple verifiable data sources.

🔑 Self-custodial

With WalliD, you are in full control of your keys and assets with no third party being able to access tokens or ID data without your permission.

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