How to add Github ID to your wallet?

  1. Go to the Digital IDs section on the home screen of your extension and click on Import an ID

  1. You will be redirected to WalliD onboarding to complete a few steps in order to store your Github ID -> Click on the Social IDs button

  1. Select Github icon from the options -> Enter your Github Username -> Click on the Next button -> Click on the Sign button in order to sign your Github username and your wallet address

  1. Copy the text to the clipboard and go to the one of your Github account repos

  1. Select a repository on your Github account -> Create a file name "wallid" containing the copied text -> Click on the Commit changes button

  1. Enter the link of the repository you just created on the third step -> Click on the Verify button

  1. Confirm the data to be stored in your wallet -> Click on the Store digital ID button -> Accept the authorisation request pop-up by clicking on Authorise button to store Github ID into WalliD wallet

  1. Your Github ID was successfully stored and now you can prove the ownership of your Github ID or create a single proof with a bundle of different assets owned by you. Click the ... button on the right side of the Digital ID to open the option menu.

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