Browser extension

This is a step by step guide to help you get started with using WalliD wallet on a browser extension

Current wallet version: v.1.1.4 Check the open-source code in our Github

Getting started

Get the extension for your favourite browser

Setup your wallet

You can create a new wallet or import and existing wallet through its seed phrase or private keys.

Create a new wallet

Choose a password

Create a password with at least 8 characters and confirm it in box below. This password will encrypt all the data of your wallet in your browser local storage and will be required to log you in in your extension.

Save your seed phrase or private key

Click on the blurred box to reveal your 12-word seedphrase. The seedphrase is the ultimate key to your wallet and you are the only owner of it. Make sure you save it in a secure place an no one else has access to it. Click I wrote down the seed phrase after saving it.

Rewrite your seedphrase

Click on the 12 words of your seedphrase by the correct order to rebuild it. Click Confirm after saving it to complete the process of creating a new wallet.

Import a wallet

Paste the seedphrase of the wallet you wish to import in the appropriate box and choose a new password to lock you wallet. All the addresses and assets associated to the wallet imported will be accessible through the extension


After successfully logging in you will have access to the wallet home screen

This is what you can access from this screen:


  • Account name

  • wallet address

  • Send

  • Prove

Main nets:

Test nets:

Assets Dashboard

Account Icon

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