NFTs and blockchain transactions are not yet available on WalliD wallet. 👀Stay tuned to be the first trying them out!

The browser extension supports different standards of NFTs from the multiple networks available and allows you to import, view metadata and to send tokens to a different address.

Import tokens

To import a token that you already own in the address associated to your wallet, go to the Fungible Tokens section in the home page of your extension and click on Import NFT.Provide the token info requested to add that token to your wallet.

View metadata

To check NFTs metadata click the ... button on the right side of the page toopen the option menu. Select the option check on-chain to access the correspondent smart contract on its network block explorer or select the option check on Opensea to the marketplace webpage displaying your NFT.

Send NFTs

To send NFTs to another address click the ... button on the right side of the page to open the option menu. Select the option Send token to open the window below. Provide the address of the recipient and if the standard supports tokens IDs with multiple units (eg ERC-155) provide the amount of tokens you wish to send as well

How to manage network fees

👀 Coming soon! 👀

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