Polygon ID


WalliD wallet supports Polygon ID protocol by integrating with Polygon ID JS SDK. allowing users to create or import an identifier (DID) in the network and to claim and prove the ownership of verifiable credentials associated with that DID.

Create or Import DID

The DID is the unique identifier within Polygon ID network to which your verifiable credentials refer. It acts as your public account in the network and it can only be controled by the wallet owning it. Start by selecting Polygon ID in the network tab. If you haven't linked a DID to your account you'll be presented with the following screen.

Create DID

Click on Create DID and a unique identifier will be generated automatically and associated to your address. You will be able so see it within your IDs tab.

Import DID

To import a DID you must first import the wallet account to which it is associated. Click on Import DID and import the seed phrase of the wallet you want to add. The DID will automatically be imported and displayed within your IDs tab.

Claim a verifiable credential

WalliD wallet is automatically available as a wallet option to claim and store verifiable credentials for Issuers supporting Polygon ID protocol. After clicking in the website button to claim your credential, WalliD wallet plugin will appear, displaying the credential data and a request to Receive or Decline it in your wallet. Accepting it will link the data to your identifier and the credential will become available in your wallet extension.

Prove the ownership of verifiable credentials

WalliD wallet allows you to answer proof of ownership requests from external systems (eg. for KYC purposes) or to generate a public one from within your browser extension and/or combined with any other data sources you might have linked to to your wallet. For the latter check out the generic guide in this user guide. To approve a request from an external system, click in the website button to call your wallet plugin. The pop-up will display the credential that's being requested, the entity requesting it and will require you to Accept or Decline it in your wallet.

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